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Kinder Goat
Kinder Goat Udder

Zachary's Champion Goats Bindi

D.O.B June 13, 2012
Generation - 4th
Height - 24"
Weight - 105lb
Bindi was one of three doelings in a litter of quadruplets and has been a prolific doe herself, giving birth to triplets three times here and at least once for her breeder.
Bindi is an overall very quality doe, though she is not a large doe. I would like to see tighter shoulders but that has proven to be easy to fix in one generation with the right buck.
She has good udder attachments even with this many freshenings, good teat placement, and is very easy to hand milk. Bindi is an excellent dam and very tolerant of the other kids using her as playground.
I decided to breed her one last time and in March '22, she gave me triplet doelings! Because of her age and tendency to get nervous the first couple days, I left only one doeling on her and pulled the other two to raise on bottles. Bindi looks great this spring, especially for a doe turning 10! She will live out retirement here with her daughters, granddaughters, great-granddaughters and soon great-great granddaughters!

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Kinder Goat

Zachary's Champion Goats Topaz

D.O.B April 13, 2016
Generation - 2nd

Height - 25.5"

Weight - 119lb
Topaz is lovely young doe. She is very proportionate, a great example of breed character, and looks very much like her dam, Bindi. Topaz is a more skittish doe in the herd but she's come a long way!

Topaz has a nicely-attached udder, but I would like to see her milk down more and a smoother fore. Her teats are now (on her fourth freshening) a little past on her hocks, but they are such a wonderful size and shape for hand milking and boast a great orifice. She gets 5/5 stars for ease of milking. Udder shown here at the end of her third lactation. This latest lactation, she was milking about a quart at each 12 hour mark a month fresh. 
Topaz has kidded easily with twins four times and is a good dam, if a bit nervous the first day or two.


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Hefty Goat Holler Farm Noel

D.O.B December 18, 2018
Generation - 3rd

Height - 25.5"
Weight - 89lb

(Height and weight at 2 years old)

Noel has been one of my favorite Kinder doelings - big (for my herd) quiet girl. I like her bone, body length, and pelvis. I'd like to see improved front legs and maybe less leg length, but she's still filling out.
Noel has kidded with twins twice. Her udder improved greatly from her first freshening to her second, gaining capacity and looking like it has a stronger medial which in turn improved teat placement. Pictured here as a second freshener on about a 12 hour fill. I would still like to see larger teat diameter to help with milking ease, but I love how cylindrical they are.
I found out my big quiet girl bellows when at the feed trough - it is hilarious and so odd-sounding!

Pedigree Noel.png

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Vixen

D.O.B December 24, 2018
Generation - 4th
Height - 24"
Weight - 67lb

Vixen is the last doeling out of my first Kinder doe, Rusty Lane Farm Aubrey. 
Vixen is a quiet, good-natured girl like her dam. A friend purchased Vixen's littermate brother as a herdsire for her mixed herd, and I am really pleased with how long, level, and thick he is as a 18 month old. Vixen was orphaned at 6 weeks old - she nor her brother ever took a bottle...I tried to make sure she was getting extra groceries otherwise, but I think the too-early weaning stunted her. She likely would have been more dairy, regardless - but I can work with that!
Vixen has seriously impressed me as a first freshener. She is raising a massive single buckling that is wonderfully meaty despite her own dairy character - he weighed over 40lb at 80 days old, with an average daily gain of .44lb! Her udder is so promising - snug with nice-sized teats and probably the best lateral attachments of the first fresheners this year. Smooth fore too! Her udder and production honestly shocked me - in a good way!
Vixen kidded with twin doelings her second freshening and again kidded easily. The girls have grown well, and Vixen is just overall a very low maintenance little doe.


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