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Kinder doe goat and triplet kids

Caroline with her triplets (above) as a first freshener. 

Caroline front 23.jpg
Kinder doe goat udder

I did not get a good udder shot but this was after she was nursing one doeling only, several months into lactation.

Caroline rear 23.jpg
Caroline top 23.jpg

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Sweet Caroline

March 4, 2020
Generation - 3rd

Gritty as Heck. Dingdong.

Caroline was a triplet and pulled to be a bottle baby. If Velvet is a genius, Caroline is the class dunce, bless her heart. But she is a good-natured goofball, even if she has the gross habit of trying to chew my hair while she has a mouthful of cud. She's just ridiculously likable.

Caroline is a full sister to Noel, and like her, she is gaining depth with age. I like her body length and rear width, especially.

Caroline freshened with triplets March 2022. She shelled these kids out quickly and has been a surprisingly attentive and patient dam. I'd like to see a better production so her kids were supplemented on the bottle but I believe that will come with additional freshenings. One of the best things about Caroline is her attitude towards adversity - she gets in there to eat no matter what and doesn't whine! It also makes her an absolute nut over feed. Like trample anything in her path, be it man or beast.

While she isn't the most loving ex-bottle baby, she is super-loyal, usually the first to come when called and the one right behind you on a walkabout.

Her udder is a pleasing shape, and her teats are more plumb than her dam's and a decent size. First-freshener attachments are decent, too. If she's like Noel, this will improve her next freshening. Already a lovely foreudder!

2023 - Caroline had the year off and filled out a LOT...she is pretty pudgy, too, as evidenced by her dry photos.

Pedigree Caroline Corrected.png
Kinder doe goat rearing
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