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Hefty Goat Holler Farm Constance

March 10, 2022
Generation -  5th
Consistently a Pester-Pot

Constance was born with some assistance - she presented with just one back foot out. Thankfully,  I got it all sorted out quickly and she was just fine (as was Bindi!). I pulled her and sister Felicity as bottle babies.

She wasn't super-clingy as a bottle baby, but she's now gotten more personable and loves to come over to visit. She's always liked to pester - one of her favorite things to do is untie your shoes and not let go of the laces. And bite. Recently, she's taken up biting other goats on the ears, no matter how small the ear. If you sit down for even a minute, there's a good chance she'll plop onto your lap or try to jump on your head.

Constance is the leggier of the three Bindi girls, but she's started to fill out at least a smidge. While she always looks leaner than the other two, she's actually weighed the same. She might be a plain Jane in the looks department, but she's full of personality!

2023 - Constance developed a lovely precocious udder as a pre-first freshener. She has really filled out this year and is one of my biggest Kinder does already. She's mellowed out and is less likely to nip, now.

Constance 23.jpg
Constance front 23 (1).jpg
Constance top 23.jpg
Constance rear 23.jpg
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