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Zachary's Champion Goats Blue Velvet

January 1, 2020
Generation - 1st

One of a Kind. Genius.

Velvet was an oops baby - her dam was a registered Pygmy doe and her sire a registered Nubian buck - NOT the way you want to make Kinders, but a Kinder nonetheless. Fun fact - she has some beautiful Nubian paternal half sisters out there! The genetics behind this girl are stellar, with many grand and reserve champions on both the Nubian and Pygmy side. Unfortunately, both of her parents passed away shortly after her birth and neither was shown or appraised, to my knowledge.

I got Velvet at just a few days old, as a tiny bottle baby. She was a bit premature, but she got the hang of nursing quickly. If there was an IQ test for goats, Velvet would probably be a genius. She's so stinkin' smart and full of personality.


As a young adult doe, she's gotten very loving again, but there for a bit she was in a rotten toddler stage where her favorite thing to do bite. Even as an adult, she gets the sassy if she is reprimanded. But only with people. With other goats, she is low on the pecking order. Velvet hates all icky things - rain, snow, mud, the buck sneezing on her, et cetera.

Velvet freshened with buck /doe twins March 2022. Once she resigned herself to licking the icky, goopy things, she was an excellent momma. She did an amazing job raising two chunky kids, especially for such a small doe - she is only slightly larger than Vixen.

She's my easiest-to-milk Kinder first freshener to date! Her teats aren't long but they're plump with a great orifice and her texture is wonderful. It also looks like she'd be able to sustain a long, steady lactation. Incredibly pleased with her overall. 

Kinder doe goat
Velvet rear 23.jpg
Kinder doe udder

Udder shots on no fill but after her doeling was sold and only her buckling remained nursing. I dropped the ball getting udder shots on all the first fresheners in 2022 but I did get to milk miss Velvet. Her texture and orifice are WONDERFUL, as were her manners. 
Dry shot is from 2023, after a year off. She never quite dried up and then came back into milk, solidifying my suspicion she could do an extended lactation.

Kinder goat doe udder
Velvet Top 23.jpg
Velvet Front 23.jpg
Kinder doe and twins
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