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Hefty Goat Holler Farm Nightingale

February 7, 2021
Generation - 4th

Flashy and Friendly.

G VG E 67

Nightingale is a good-natured, laid-back doeling that, from Day 1, has wanted to hop over for a visit. She's not above demanding attention.

She's leaner and longer than the Topaz twins, with what I call a "rangier" type muscle. While she probably won't ever be a chonk, I know this maternal line gains quite a lot of depth with age. She is one of my only young Kinders who is higher at the withers than the hips!

Her young dam, Noel, has one my favorite udders as far as attachments and shape, but I am hoping Shiner added some teat and orifice size. Excited to continue my Priscilla line with this granddaughter.

Kinder goat doe
Kinder goat doe
Kinder goat doe udder
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