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Kinder goat doe
Kinder goat
Kinder goat doe udder
Kinder goat doe twins
Meadowlark Rear Udder 2F.jpg

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Meadowlakrk

February 3, 2021
Generation -  3rd

The One with the Wattles
VG VG E 77 

Meadowlark was the first kid born in 2021 and the first kid sired by Shiner to hit the ground!

Meadowlark is a quiet, friendly young doe but she gets a little feisty if you ask her to do something she doesn't want to take photos.

Both she and her twin Magpie have gone back and forth between lovely and awkward but overall, I like this cross.


Meadowlark has grown well and shows plenty of capacity and a beautiful escutcheon. She probably has the least level topline of the Topaz doelings (lucky y'all that bought the others!) but she's still a lovely Kinder doe. 

2023 update - Meadowlark kidded in late February with little butterball buck/doe twins. She was a calm first time dam but later got a little suspicious of us around her kids. She's gotten over that now and is back to being friendly. Her udder is incredibly reminiscent of Shiner's littermate sister's Shimmer. Wonderful shape and teat size already. Quite plumb, good orifice. Excellent texture and milks down well already.

2024 - She's already nice but I think another freshening with more than a single would make her really stand out! She's got the potential for a lot more capacity. Rear udder photo is about a month fresh with a single buckling. Still super-easy to milk and milks out quickly. She stands well after a couple weeks of training. I do have to catch her to get her to the milk room 98% of the time. Topline is also leveling out.

Meadowlark Pedigree.png
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