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Derek's Kinders LB Bandito

January 28, 2022
Generation - 3rd

Bandito is a handsome, large buckling out of one of my favorite Kinder does, Bright. Bright is a great example of the a lower generation of the breed, in my opinion. She's a bigger, powerful doe that is easy to milk, according to her breeder, and milked over 9lb as a 4th freshener, with 6% butterfat and 4% protein. For more information on her, check out Dualadid Farm's page on Facebook.


I wanted to bring in a lower generation buck that was mostly unrelated to anything I had. I am hoping Bandito will bring some size and muscling to the herd as well as production! He had a very successful first breeding season - once he stopped being dramatic about leading! He was easy to handle after that, and wasn't deterred by hard-to-catch does.

Bandito is friendly but he also likes to pick fights in the buck pen his first rut season. He also has a shockingly high voice he wants you to hear...a lot...

In 2023, Bandito has mellowed but he is still what I will call extra-vigorous about everything. He handled very nicely all breeding season, though. He maintains his body condition very well, especially considering how much sparring the bucks have done this year.

In 2024, I sold Bandito to a friend in order to keep his son.


Bandito Pedigree.png
Kinder buck
Bandito yearling.jpg
Kinder buck
Kinder buck
Bandito Rear April (1).jpg
Bandito Front April (1).jpg

Derek's Kinders SB Bran

Bran Pedigree.png

January 22, 2022
Generation - 4th

I hadn't planned on buying a second buckling, but when I saw Bran was still available, I couldn't pass him up. I think he's very correct as a youngster, though he lacks a bit of Bandito's bulk and quick growth.


Bran is so stinkin' sweet and laid back. He's my little buddy! Bran matured a little later, so his use in 2022 was limited, but he has it all figured out now. Mostly. He seems to be picky about his girlfriends, go figure - he finally picked a couple does he loved.

In 2023, Bran was MUCH buckier and bred does without discriminating. All while being a gentleman leading back and forth. 


Bran is somewhat related to both Shiner and Bandito but brings some unrelated genetics as well.


His young dam has a lovely udder with excellent attachments, texture, and foreudder, according to her breeder. As far as general appearance, she has one of the most level toplines I've seen in a Kinder doe. Bandita was evaluated as E E E with a total score of 88.2 Excellent.

I am hoping Bran will be my new feet and udder attachment buck!

Kinder buck
Bran Late April.jpg
Kinder buck
Bran front April.jpg
Kinder buck
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