Kinder Buck Goat
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Zachary's Champion Goats Tigger

D.O.B April 06, 2016
Generation - 2nd
26.5" as of 2/21

Tigger was my first Kinder. He is an incredibly good-natured buck, even in rut. The mammary systems and production in his paternal line are excellent. His dam was a correct, prolific doe. Tiger has been slower to grow but has now hit his max size and weight. He has weighed 140lb at 4 and 5 years old. He is correct with a nice topline and very good feet. If I had to pick an area to improve, I would improve his rear leg angle, just a bit, and quicker growth.
So far, I think he has improved rear udder attachments and straightened teat placement in his daughters. He throws small kids, which has been very helpful when breeding to first fresheners.

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Derek's Kinders FS Shiner

D.O.B August 11, 2019
Generation - 5th

26.5" as of 2/21

I am incredibly excited to add Shiner to the herd. His dam, Sipsy, is one of my very favorite Kinders. She is incredibly prolific and productive. This line has been bred to be efficient for both milk and meat, with close attention to birth weights and growth rates as well as milk production and ease of kidding and milking. All without sacrificing that mid-size and medium bone. Overall, I think this guy has the potential to be the total package!
The only thing I would like to see is his front hooves a bit straighter. I love this guy's personality! He is sweet and likes to "chat" when you're around. Excited to see how he crosses with my does - so far, it looks like he has definitely improved growth rates and teat size! He's really grown this spring and now weighs 130!

Shiner's Pedigree.png