I plan on retaining only 2-4 doelings this year. A few are already spoken for but the rest will be available.

I am considering selling doelings as bottle babies in 2022. If this is something you are interested in, please send me an email, letting me know which pair you are interested in a doeling from and your bottle baby experience.

In 2022, doelings will NOT be held until weaning for the general public without a deposit. The deposit is $100 and will go towards the purchase of the doeling. It is refundable or transferable if something happens to your chosen doeling. It is NOT refundable if you simply change your mind and no longer wish to purchase the doeling in question or transfer the deposit to another doeling of equal quality.

As of now, ALL Kinder buckling prospects are spoken for. I have no Miniature LaMancha buckling prospects for these breeding pairs.

All doelings not spoken for will be posted on the farm page first then the website.

At this time, I have NO plan on offering does in milk. For more information, please check out this page or email. Thanks!