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Before You Buy

Sales Policy

STOP. Ask yourself a few questions, especially if you are first-time goat owner.

Do you NEED goats - if so then why? Is this a passing fancy? What are the chances that you or your kids will get sick of the new "pet" within two months? Pretty good? Consider an alternative; goats are a lot of responsibility. Additionally, goats are herd animals - you need at least two. Until you are sure you want goats and can take care of them, I recommend wethers or does only.

Are you looking for a lawnmower? Then buy a lawnmower or a pair of sheep. Goats are ruminant browsers, which means they eat more shrubbery than grass.

Will your fence contain goats? Goats are difficult to fence in - they can jump, crawl, squeeze, and destroy. Tethering is dangerous - don't do it.

Will you offer a safe environment? Goats are PREY animals. Domestic and wild predators are a serious threat. Dogs that are not livestock-safe are especially dangerous. Not even excellent fencing is always enough deterrent, so you might also consider a livestock guardian animal. If you worry your own dog will harm goats, you probably don't need goats right now.

Will the goats have adequate shelter and forage or access to quality hay? Is your fencing and shelter ready NOW?


Are you prepared to spend money on things like dewormers, loose minerals, vaccines, and perhaps vet visits?


Do you have TIME to take care of animals?


Are you willing to learn how to care for them properly?

If you are ready to accept the responsibility of animal husbandry, great, but are you prepared for a long-term commitment? Goats can live into their teens!

"Yes" to all of those questions? Great!
"No" on any of those - please get prepared before you purchase goats. It might sound harsh, but it will make it easier on you, sellers, and the animals! 

If you want to learn more about goats, check out my page Goat Husbandry Resources. Don't hesitate to ask me questions, even if you choose not to purchase an animal from the farm. I am glad to help in any way I can! 

I try my best to match goats with buyers - I want the goats to go to a good home and buyers to love their new animal. I will represent the animals as honestly as I can and provide information such as current health status, deworming records, kidding records when applicable, vaccine history, and biosecurity testing results - most current results are posted on the blog. All negative for CAE and Johnes. No history of CL in the herd. You can see the most recent tests on the farm page or contact me. I test through UBRL.

I maintain the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.

Be honest about your management, experience, and goals so I know if my animals will be a good match for you or not. I am MORE than willing to help folks, new and "seasoned" breeders alike! But I cannot knowingly send an animal to a home where it won't be taken care of.


I will no longer hold an animal for anyone without a $50 deposit. Deposits do go towards the total purchase price of the animal but are non-refundable if a buyer simply backs out of the sale. In the unusual event I decide to remove a kid from the sell list, the deposit will be returned.


As of 2022, I DO accept reservations on kids. You may select kids from pairings, and I will contact you as kids are born. After kids are on the ground, the buyers may place a small deposit ($50) on the kid to hold it until weaning. I have a PayPal account set up for deposits or locals can reserve with cash. Kids are weaned no younger than 10 weeks old. 12-16 weeks old (or older) is my preference.


Deposits can be transferred to another animal or returned if the kid or animal, while still in my care, is injured, ill, develops any disqualifying traits, or meets an untimely demise.


If any goat(s) cannot be picked up at weaning (I will give you that date) or within two weeks of a deposit being placed, I will require a boarding fee of $15 a week to continue holding for you. Non-refundable.

In the event I sell a bred doe that will birth registrable offspring, she will come with a completed memo for an additional $75 over her asking price. This is only refundable if the doe is guaranteed bred via blood test or ultrasound.

I do not accept checks and animals must be paid in full before leaving the farm.



Kinder doelings start at $300
Kinder bucklings start at $300
Miniature LaMancha doelings 
start at $300

Miniature LaMancha bucklings start at $300
Unregistered kids (usually only wethers) start at $150


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