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Hefty Goat Holler Farm Felicity

March 10, 2022
Generation -  5th

The Funny, Friendly Fighter

Felicity is a funny, lovable girl. She has a habit of tilting her head way over, as if something is very puzzling. She did this as a newborn, but also tilted her head WAY back. I thought at first it was because she needed assistance at birth, though she was in a normal diving position (basically, Bindi's brain short-circuited and she wouldn't push - read the full story at #heftygoathollerfarmkidding2022 on my FB farm page). But there's nothing apparently wrong with her in any way - I think she's just a little goofball. A chatty, super-friendly goofball that likes to pick fights with other doelings.

Felicity has grown well - she and Constance were bottle babies - and has that trademark Shiner daughter escutcheon and plumb baby teats.


I call her a potato, lovingly of course, because she's just looked rather awkward so much of her young life. Recently, her front end has caught up to her rump end somewhat, so that helped her look less potato-ish. Frankly, I don't care because Felicity is one that stays no matter what she looks like.

2023 - Felicity is finally outgrowing her awkwardness and is maturing into a lovely first freshener...still as goofy as ever. Forgive her untrimmed hooves in the front picture.

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