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GoGo's FaSu Frontier Ted

February 10, 2022
F2 Experimental 

I reserved a buckling from a pairing that would bring in some totally unrelated genetics but little did I know there would be three to choose from. With the help of his breeder, I chose Ted as a two day old and brought him home.


He's been raised as a bottle baby. He's grown so well, averaging over .4lb a day average daily gain.

His dam is a first gen doe with a well-attached udder that is easy to milk with nice teat size, plus she's tough as heck, surviving some serious curve balls in life. His sire side is a long-time breeder as well with absolutely lovely, productive animals. His sire, Sundance, has won GC in the MDGA virtual show as well as winning the Champion Challenge.

Ted is so silly right now, torn between being a sassy buckling sparring with the big boys and being an affectionate baby. He's a hoot. It is hilarious how popular he is with all the does - they often bypass the big bucks to beeline for Ted at the fence.

As of fall 2023, Ted is long and lanky! He's angular with a long, level rump. I would like to see more depth - hopefully that will come with age. He's been a perfect gentleman during breeding season and has one lovely doeling in the herd from 2023. (His feet needed a good trim in this side photo).

goat pedigree
Miniature LaMancha buck
Ted V Show Side 2 23.jpg
Ted Front V Show 23.jpg
Ted Rear V Show 23.jpg
Ted Top V Show 23.jpg

Nehi Minis Tumbling Jupiter

March 3, 2017
F4 American

Jupiter was my first registered Miniature LaMancha, bred by Nehi Minis, a long-time Miniature Lamancha herd in Arkansas. He is a sweet, quiet buck, very easy to handle for the most part. I like his overall appearance, especially his angularity and body length. I personally love his bone, too, as I want a stockier dairy animal. The mammary systems in his paternal  line and of his littermate sister and dam are excellent, and his littermate sister has been on a very extended lactation.

He's matured into a big boy - 170lb in good condition - and near the top of the height standard.

His first daughters in my herd freshened in 2021 and did not disappoint. My does are all unrelated (and not uniform in terms of style!) but he improved each udder in their daughters, especially rear attachment, overall shape, and teat placement.

He's done well in the MDGA virtual shows, including a Grand Champion SR LaMancha title and three reserve championships (including the Fall '19 show). Most recently, he earned a reserve champion in the spring 2023 v-show as the oldest miniature LaMancha buck in the show. He's aging very well, and I hope his genetics lend to longevity in his daughters.

Jupiter Pedigree.png
Miniature LaMancha buck
Grand Champion Miniature LaMancha Buck
Reserve Grand Champion Miniature LaMancha Buck
Nehi Minis Tumbling Jupiter.png
Jupiter Side 2 V Show 23.jpg
Miniature LaMancha Buck
Jupiter Rear 23.jpg
Miniature LaMancha buck

Sunspring's WBJ Churro

Churro Pedigree.png

April 30, 2020
F2 Experimental

Churro is a friendly young buck I brought in from Colorado. He was bred at Sunspring Ranch in Utah. He will be a complete outcross, bringing in some new genetics I am hopeful will cross well with my herd. He had some issues with his teeth on arrival but a better diet and time has almost resolved it - he's also grown like a weed, gaining from 97lb to over 120 in just a couple months (in late fall 2021). He's around  140lb as of 2023.

I have had some trouble keeping his feet trimmed as often as I need to, which made his toes splay out a bit from traversing the hillsides. I've about got it corrected, now.

Churro has a long rump and is wide across the pins though I would like to see him more level thurl to thurl. High and open in the rear with a lot of natural width between the hocks.

Churro has excellent production behind him and some lovely udders. Talking with other breeders who own his relatives, including his littermate sister, I am hopeful he will bring in some increased "milkability" - specifically, increased orifice size and soft udder texture.

Polled is a nice bonus! 

mini lamancha bucks
Churro Side 1.jpg
Churro Top.jpg
Churro Front May.jpg
Churro Front.jpg
Churro Rear (1).jpg
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