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Hefty Goat Holler Farm Magpie

Kinder doe goat
Kinder goat pedigree
Kinder goat doe udder
Kinder goat
Kinder goat

February 3, 2021
Generation - 3rd

Flight or Bite

VG VG E 76

Twin sister to Meadowlark, Magpie is the more skittish of the two usually, though neither one is what I would call a headache.
Like Topaz, she is more timid when being handled so she's prone to crouch.


Despite their occasional flightiness, these girls like to come over for pets. As long as you don't move too fast. Funny enough, Magpie will give you a nip if you stop petting her too soon. When she does want to petted.

Currently, she's the more level of the two sisters and showing slightly more body length. Magpie has grown well and has high, wide escutcheon. Both she and Meadowlark have such promising dry teats - long and plumb - I am excited to see them freshen. Plus, it is always fun to freshen full sisters at the same time!

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