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Please check out Before You Buy and the Sales Policy here.Contact me about available animals here OR message me on the Facebook farm page! SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.

Again: I do NOT take deposits until kids are one the ground but I keep an interested list and contact folks as kids arrive. To reserve a kid on the ground, you must place a small deposit. I WILL NO LONGER HOLD AN ANIMAL WITHOUT A DEPOSIT.

Due dates are only approximate based on breeding date, all calculated at 150 days. If you are interested in a buckling, please contact me using the form on the home page or via the Hefty Goat Holler Farm Facebook page. THIS IS JUST A QUICK REFERENCE. I will be adding more information and photos as I get them but do not hesitate to contact me about specific kids now!

For potential buck leases - Current (within the last year) negative CAE/CL/Johnes status must be provided for a potential lease to be considered.

I AM LOCATED IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS. If you're willing to arrange for and pay for a transporter, I am willing to work with one.

List updated as of May 20, 2024. I do have a couple more friendly wethers other than the bottle babies listed.

Miniature LaMancha Pairs 

Nehi Minis Tumbling Jupiter

Ozark Jewels Be My Baby Sarah (ADGA) - Kidded with single buckling - Retained

Ozark Jewels LAZ Star Rattler (ADGA) - Kidded with buck/doe twins. Buckling available, registerable with MDGA as F1 Experimental. He's going to be a big boy. Elf ears. Blue eyes. $250

GoGo's Fauna's Delight - Kidded with 2B/1D. HGF Jeremiah - Wattles. HGF Jericho - blue eyes. Both F2 experimental. On bottle or at weaning. Gopher ears. $275. Jeremiah can go as a wether with Jericho. *Reserved*

Sunspring's WBJ Churro

Hefty Goat Holler Anastasia - Kidded with buck/doe twins. Doeling available - HGF Eva Polled, blue eyes, elf ears. Grade herdbook. $300. *reserved*

Hefty Goat Holler Verbena - Kidded with 2D/1B. Chocolate, blue eyes, gopher ear doeling available - HGF Cocoa $350 *reserved*

GoGo's FaSu Frontier Ted

Hefty Goat Holler Layla - Kidded with 2B/2D. Chocolate doeling - HGF Heidi - $300. Heidi is *reserved* 
Oreo, black and white wether wattles and blue eyes no papers - $100. Moonpie, black wether with wattles, blue eyes, and large moonspot. On the bottle. No papers - $100. All grade herdbook. All gopher ears.

OzarksJewels LAZ Lucky Penny (ADGA) - Kidded with 2D. Both have wattles and gopher ears. Black and tan is HGF Princess Daisy. Cream is HGF Princess Peach. $300 each. Peach is *reserved* 

Kinder Pairs

Derek's Kinders JB Bandito

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Sweet Caroline - Kidded with 2D/1B Dark doeling is HGF Miss Prissy $300. Fawn doeling is HGF Petunia $300 Petunia is *reserved*

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Constance - Kidded with 3D/1B Doeling with white poll - HGF Tulip caramel with white poll; Black and tan doeling HGF Sharky; and solid brown/tan doeling HGF Violet. All three take a bottle or can go at weaning. $300 each.

Zachary's Champion Goats Blue Velvet - Kidded with 2D/1B Doeling Virginia is available $300. Doeling Bluebell is available without papers only $200.

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Vixen - Kidded with buck/doe twins. Buckling prospect HGF Copper - red with white poll - $300 - DEPOSIT RECEIVED. Doeling red with small white poll HGF Rosalinda - $300

Derek's Kinders SB Bran

Hefty Goat Holler Meadowlark - Kidded with single buckling HGF Slate $300 - DEPOSIT RECEIVED. 

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Nightingale - Kidded with buck/doe twins. Buckling prospect gray roan with wattles and white standard markings - HGF Niles Crane - $300 - DEPOSIT RECEIVED. Doeling - dark gray roan with standard white markings - HGF Daphne Moon - $350 *reserved*

Available Adult Animals

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