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Zachary's Champion Goats Topaz

April 13, 2016
Generation - 2nd

Beautiful but Bi-Polar.

Topaz is lovely Kinder doe. She is very proportionate and a great example of breed character, in my opinion. This maternal line is not large, but I think they're an efficient size. Topaz stays between 105-115lb when in good condition to a little pudgy.

Topaz is usually the most skittish doe in the herd but she's come a long way! She still occasionally gets the case of the sillies and runs away...but then she might come back and snuffle your face and ask for pets with a nibble. Interestingly, she's mannerly on the milk stand, generally. In terms of pecking order, she's content in the high middle of the herd.

Topaz has a nicely-attached udder, but I would like to see her milk down more and a longer foreudder. Her teats are now, on her fourth freshening, a little past her hocks, making it a bit harder for stubborn newborns to find. Her teats are such a wonderful size and shape for hand milking, though, and boast a great orifice, making her milk out very quickly. She gets 5/5 stars for ease of milking!


In, 2022 - she was milking about a quart at each 12 hour mark at a month fresh. In 2023, she was milking 3lb on no fill with her twin bucklings. At 7 months fresh, she tested at 9% butterfat!

Topaz has kidded easily with twins four times. Overall, she is a good dam but she is very nervous the first few days. Great hooves! Gains back body condition well after nursing. Her paternal granddam is a the beautiful Nubian SGCH Cozy Creek Shay Puddin' EEEE92.

In 2023, Topaz's daughter Hefty Goat Holler Farm Thistle, sired by DKG FS Shiner, took Grand Champion Jr in the Missouri State Fair! She's produced some lovely kids.

Topaz makes you work for her affection but she's a good one.

Kinder goat doe
Kinder goat doe udder
Kinder goat doe udder

Topaz's rear udder second and third (right) freshenings. 3rd freshening photo at the end of lactation. Below is Topaz with her 2022 buck/doe twins.

Kinder goat doe
Kinder goat doe wattles
Topaz with babies 2022 (1).jpg
Kinder goat doe
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