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  • Kendra R. Shatswell

Poppy and the Triplets

2020 kidding season started off with a bang! I was not expecting Poppy to have triplets, but

she did....TRIPLET DOELINGS! 😍 This is the first set of triplet doelings ever born here! They weigh (with full tummies) 6lbs, 4.8lbs, and 4lbs.

The first time Poppy kidded, she kidded with a big single doeling before sunrise so I had no idea how she would handle the birthing process, though I assumed just fine, or me being there. She actually seemed to appreciate me in there, resting her head on me occasionally. For Poppy, that level of affection hasn't happened since she was a doeling herself!

I thought the first kid was taking a little long, though labor was progressing with no apparent issues, so I went in to get my phone to check the time. In just that few minutes, she had Doeling 1. She was busy licking her when I got back. I made she sure was dried fairly well and nursed and by that time, Poppy was starting to push again. She tried very hard to stay standing to let Kid 1 keep nursing, but she had to lay after a couple of contractions. I saw a bubble, clearly Kid 2.

Poppy pushed a couple more times, serious pushing accompanied by yelling, and I thought 'What in the world am I seeing?!' It was a second bubble...with Kid 3. Before I could do anything except process what I saw, she pushed again and delivered small Kid 3 and basically delivered the big Kid 2, just the hind limbs weren't quite out yet.This goat had two kids in the birth canal at the same time and delivered them basically simultaneously without assistance and without tearing.

Together, they weighed about 10lbs, so not HUGE, but still...geesh. I will for sure keep a good eye on her, but thus far she passed her afterbirth, is eating and drinking like crazy, and looks and acts normal. Kid 3, the white doeling, needed some help getting gunk cleared from her airways. The big doeling was still in the sac but as soon as I made sure Kid 2 was breathing, I eased Kid 3 out the rest of the way, breaking the sac. She had a little gunk to sneeze out, but not bad.

All three have nursed and nursed and have very full tummies and had settled down to sleep at last check. Poppy is being a VERY good momma! So far, I learn or see something different every kidding season, but this was the craziest thing I've seen yet! Good job, Poppy!


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