Ozarks Jewels BeMy Baby Sarah

D.O.B. February 20, 2020
Breed - ADGA Grade LaMancha
Sire - Forrest-Pride Val's Keepsake https://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=L002031654
Dam - Unregistered LaMancha doe

I've wanted an Ozark Jewels goat since I discovered the herd! Baby's dam is a doe from the late Lujax herd, whose papers were lost, so Baby is grade. Blackie, her dam, is an awesome doe, though! I love her udder and her production - she isn't a large doe but was easily giving a gallon and a quart on her second freshening when last I spoke with Ozark Jewels. 
Baby here is a sweetie! I hope to use her in my mini program, but with the MDGA rule changes, her kids will be unregistered - very disappointed about that. Perhaps in the future I can find a good ADGA LaMancha buck to breed her to. But for now, I am just excited to own her and see her grow. I won't mind some beautiful, unregistered minis!

Hefty Goat Holler Farm

Billie Jean and Sherry

D.O.B. January 25, 2020
Breed - Unregistered Kinder X Boer X Nubian
Sire - Mount Vernon  Kinders Diamond Rio

Dam - Poppy
Poppy was *supposed* to be bred to Tigger, but she never came in heat in the fall...then I noticed she looked different. I went back and checked my book, and Rio had escaped one day. Apparently, Poppy was bred that day! 
These three chunks are called "The Woos" though none of them hum as well as Poppy. These girls have 2x2 clean teats like their dam.
Sherry was the smallest at birth (white doeling pictured twice) but has been the heaviest by a fuzz at each weigh-in until this summer. She and Billie Jean are very friendly and calm. Billie Jean is very slightly the lighter-boned and tallest of the three but has outgrown the other two (at least she was larger than Maria while Maria was here - she sold with their dam, Poppy.) Billie Jean 63lb, and Sherry 59.6lb as of August. Update - As of December 5, Billie Jean weighed 75lb and Sherry weighed 67.

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Strawberry

D.O.B. April 1, 2020
Breed - Kinder X Boer X Dairy Cross

Sire - Zachary's Champion Goats Tigger
Dam - Charlie
Strawberry was one of the last kids born in 2020 and one of the only births I got to witness this year! She's lived with the Woo triplets her entire life and has earned the title of "Honorary Woo." She's more dairy than Charlie's first doeling, but has the heavier bone like Charlie. It looks like she has inherited her dam and sire's tight toes and good hooves, but could have straighter knees. I am curious to see if she inherited her dam's excellent parasite resistance. She took off growing and almost caught up to the older girls - as of December 5, Strawberry weighed 61lb. Strawberry has 1x1 clean teats even though her dam had 2x2. 
Strawberry is a funny girl with a very high voice that tickles me. I decided to keep her since I sold Charlie and Poppy to a friend this year.

Dolores Del Rio

D.O.B. March 08, 2018
Breed - Kinder X Nigerian X Dairy Cross

Height - 26"
Weight - 82lb
(Height and weight as a 2.5 year old)

In 2018 and 2019, I seriously reduced my unregistered herd. Dolores was the only unregistered doeling I kept from either of those crops. Her dam was a goat named Blue, who went to a wonderful home along with several of her herdmates, and her sire is ZCG Tigger. Dolores' dam was a mid-sized doe that was exceptionally parasite-resistant and heavy-milking. In four freshenings, Dolores was her only daughter, so I was loathe to sell her. I am excited to see how Dolores continues to mature. She freshened on April 29, 2020 with twin doelings. Her udder is shapely though it looks like it could use a bit tighter rear attachments. She's been a very good dam so far! Her teats are also a nice shape, but I have not milked her yet.


D.O.B. 2014
Breed - Nubian Cross
Height - 28.5"
Weight - 150lb.

Domino is one of the original three goats of the holler, bought as doeling. She has kidded with two singles, a set of twins, and a set of triplets. She is an excellent dam with plenty of milk, though her udder attachments are utterly lacking. I have milked her​ and was pleasantly surprised with how easily she milked - her teats are a nice size and shape. She is my biggest do at the moment. Crossed with Tigger, Domino has given me some incredibly chunky meat kids, making her a good brood doe.  

The Lord will make you overflow in prosperity, in the offspring of your body, in the offspring of your livestock, and in the produce of your ground in the land which the Lord swore to your fathers to give you. Deuteronomy 28:11

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