Other Goats - Dual Purpose and LaMancha

These goats are breeds and crosses other than Kinders or Miniature LaManchas. While I don't plan on expanding the mutt herd anytime soon, these are good goats! I typically cross the meatier type does with Kinder bucks and the LaMancha doe Baby with a Miniature LaMancha buck.

Baby Side Shot.JPG
Baby FF Rear Udder.jpg

Ozarks Jewels BeMy Baby Sarah

D.O.B. February 20, 2020
Breed - ADGA Grade LaMancha
Sire - Forrest-Pride Val's Keepsake https://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=L002031654
Dam - Unregistered LaMancha doe

I've wanted an Ozark Jewels goat since I discovered the herd! Baby's dam is a doe from the late Lujax herd, whose papers were lost, so Baby is grade. Blackie, her dam, is an awesome doe, though! I love her udder and her production - she isn't a large doe but was easily giving a gallon and a quart on her second freshening when last I spoke with Ozark Jewels. 
Baby here is a sweetie! To me. Not so much to anyone else haha...she does love a good booty scratch but you better not doot her tail.
Baby freshened for the first time with a large single doeling. A beautiful, correct single doeling! Baby proved to be a doting mother if a little over-protective. While Baby remains lanky, she freshened with a gorgeous, well-attached udder that is already easy to milk and had 0 kick or squirm in her from the first milking on! She was giving right at a quart each 12 hour mark.
In 2022, MDGA has re-opended the grade herdbook, meaning Baby here can have registered kids in my mini program!

Billie Jean Side.JPG

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Billie Jean 

D.O.B. January 25, 2020
Breed - Kinder X Boer X Nubian Recorded with the DPGP
Sire - Mount Vernon  Kinders Diamond Rio

Dam - Poppy
Poppy was *supposed* to be bred to Tigger, but she never came in heat in the fall...then I noticed she looked different. I went back and checked my book, and Rio had escaped one day. Apparently, Poppy was bred that day! 
These three chunks were called "The Woos" though none of them hum as well as Poppy. I sold Maria to a friend but retained the other two. These girls have 2x2 clean teats like their dam. *update* DID. Billie Jean and Sherry now have only three teats - the extra teats simply disappeared - this blew my mind! I have a video explaining and showing their teats now on the farm page on Facebook.
Billie Jean is the slightly larger of the two does I kept. These girls have excellent muscling and bone. Billie Jeans hooves are better than Sherry's but I would like to see improvements in both - the toes grow fast while the heels do not. Billie Jean is a friendly girl! She kidded easily with twin bucklings this winter. Been a great dam and producing well! Unfortunately, their sire did nothing for udder attachements nor teat placement so that will be something to work on in future generations. Shown here pre-kidding.

Billie Jean.jpg
Billie Jean Udder PreFF.jpg
Sherry Side.JPG
Sherry Front.JPG
Sherry Udder preff.jpg

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Sherry

D.O.B. January 25, 2020
Breed - Kinder X Boer X Nubian Recorded with the DPGP
Sire - Mount Vernon  Kinders Diamond Rio

Dam - Poppy
Sherry is the slightly smaller sister to Billie Jean. She kidded with twin doelings this year. Sherry is not quite so friendly as Billie Jean but not wild at all normally. When she kidded (and she did so with almost comical ease - doelings literally fell out) she was quite suspicious of anyone or anything getting within a few yards of her. After a couple days, she settled down. Very impressed with her production and how well she's retained her body condition while raising fat kids. Her udder is nearly identical to Billie Jean's, lacking lateral attachments, teat placement, and supple texture. But it is not hard to milk, though improved texture I think would make it much easier. Her hooves do require more trimming than Billie Jean's but they're big hooves, which I like. Udder is shown pre-kidding.

Strawberry Side 1.jpg
Strawberry Side.JPG
Strawberry Udder.jpg
Strawberry Front 1.jpg

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Strawberry

D.O.B. April 1, 2020
Breed - Kinder X Boer X Dairy Cross Recorded with the DPGP

Sire - Zachary's Champion Goats Tigger
Dam - Charlie
Strawberry was one of the last kids born in 2020 and one of the only births I got to witness this year! She's lived with the Woo triplets her entire life and has earned the title of "Honorary Woo." She's more dairy than Charlie's first doeling, but has the heavier bone like Charlie. It looks like she has inherited her dam and sire's tight toes and good hooves, but could have straighter knees. Appears she has inherited her dam's excellent parasite resistance (the answer. She took off growing and almost caught up to the older girls - as of December 5 2020, Strawberry weighed 61lb. Strawberry has 1x1 clean teats even though her dam had 2x2. 
Strawberry is a funny girl with a very high voice that tickles me. I decided to keep her since I sold Charlie and Poppy to a friend this year. Strawberry freshened for the first time with twin doelings in February '22. She's been an excellent mother! She's gotten a little thin nursing them but hasn't stopped getting in there and eating, which I love. Her udder still needs some better attachment and medial but the overall shape is much improved over her dam. Her teat size and orifice size are already nice for hand milking.

Myna Side 1.jpg
Myna Rear 1.jpg

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Myna

D.O.B. February 6, 2021
Breed - Kinder X Dairy Cross
Sire - ZCG Tigger

Dam - Domino

Domino has been SO stingy with doelings. I said if she had one this year, I would keep her. Myna is a lovely, chunky girl! She likes my husband more than me but she isn't unfriendly. More reserved, like her dam. She's a vast improvement in conformation, and I am hopeful Tigger really improved attachments while retaining that ease of milking.

Myna Front 1.jpg
Domino with Kids.JPG


D.O.B. 2014
Breed - Nubian Cross
Height - 28.5"
Weight - 150lb.

Domino is one of the original three goats of the holler, bought as doeling. She has kidded with two singles, a set of twins, and a set of triplets. She is an excellent dam with plenty of milk, though her udder attachments are utterly lacking. I have milked her​ and was pleasantly surprised with how easily she milked - her teats are a nice size and shape. She is my biggest doe at the moment. Crossed with Tigger, Domino has given me some incredibly chunky meat kids, making her a good brood doe.  
Domino is typically NOT an affectionate doe but she has her moments. As of 2022, Domino is retired. She can live out her days being a grouchy butt here.