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  • Kendra R. Shatswell

Record-Keeping - Heights of Does

I am not in any way affiliated with any company, product, or website mentioned in this post.

Late in 2020, I finally found a height stick that works for goats! But the trouble was, it was on back order. Perhaps indefinitely. After more searching, I found a website that did have it in stock. I ordered it as well as some handy mini hoof rasps and a pair of muck boots that I absolutely love. This height stick is made of aluminum and has a level - which is incredibly helpful if you want to get accurate heights! It goes from 14 to 39 inches. It has centimeters on the opposite side. Of course, it also measures in hands since it is made for miniature horses! While the numbers are easy to read, I do wish the horizontal piece had a clear slot to see the markers under it - it isn't that big of an issue, as you can see the nearest inch and figure it out. The horizontal piece also folds down to make storage easier, which is a nice touch. I found mine here - For the best visual on how to measure height, check out this tutorial -

I did already add heights to each of the does' descriptions on the website, but I thought I would add them here, too, for easier comparison. That being said, I would like to do all of them again, paying closer attention to head position and making sure the height stick is behind the front these measurements are not written in stone. One of the most important things when measuring height is to have hard, level surface - we used our cement front porch. I still have to get the stinky boys, too!

These heights were taken on December 20, 2020.

Kinder Adult Does

Bindi - 24"

Priscilla - 28" Topaz - 25.5" Farrah - 23.5"

Kinder Does <3 and >1

Noel - 25.5" Tulsi - 25.5"

Little Sister - 25 1/4"

Vixen - 24" Jovie - 22 3/4"

Miniature LaMancha Adult Does

Storm - 27" Noodle - 28.5" Rhea - 27" Miniature LaMancha Does <3 and >1 Genovese - 24" Verbena - 26" Rosemary - 25.5" Pixie - 25.5"

Mutt Does

Domino - 28.5"

Dolores - 26" (Dolores was only 2.5 years old at this time) Here is the handy-dandy measuring stick!

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