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  • Kendra R. Shatswell

Kidding Rates - 2019 and 2020

I love keep tracking of kidding rates! I think this is especially important in Kinders since the breed is supposed to be prolific. To date, I find this to be true. Since my first Kinder kidding in 2018, I've not had a Kinder doe give birth to a single. That impresses me! I've had a total of 11 Kinder kiddings here, so far, and three of those have been first fresheners.

Total count 2020 was 9 bucklings and 10 doelings born to 9 does for a 211% kidding rate.

My 4 Kinder does had a 250% kidding rate with 70% bucklings. My 3 mutt does had a 200% kidding rate with 100% doelings.

My 2 miniature LaManchas had a 150% kidding rate with 66% bucklings.

The miniature LaManchas have been stingy on the doelings - looking at you, Noodle and your three bucklings in two years! - and have yet to have a kidding rate over 200%. I am curious to see if that changes with kidding significantly more minis in 2021. Don't forget to check out the breeding pairs here on the website and on the farm page!

In 2019, I freshened 7 does with 7 bucklings and 8 doelings for a kidding rate of 214%.

One mutt doe had triplets. The two Kinders, two Miniature LaManchas, and two standard LaManchas kidded with twins for a 200% kidding rate. The Kinders and standards were 50/50 on bucks/does and the minis had a 75% doeling rate.

2021, with 16 does bred, will be the second largest group of fresheners I've had since 2018. There 's going to be a whole heck of a lot of kids bouncing around here come spring! No matter how many kids or the sex of the kids, I am always thankful for healthy kids and dams.

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