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Udder photos are Toot's third freshening, 12 hour fill. Nursing twin doelings.

Toot Rear Udder 23 1.jpg
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The S. Demeyer Genovese

April 10, 2019
Generation - F1 Grade

Hangry but a hoot.

Back in 2019, the neighbors had a few miniature LaManchas, including one doe who was quite the escape artist. Fast forward five months, and she gave birth to triplets, sired by Jupiter. I took Genovese as a bottle baby. She quickly earned the nickname Toot for being a little tooter - she had a penchant for finding breakable things while she lived in the house.

Toot has matured into a cute, stocky doe. An angry little thing that does not like to goat and does like to nip all the ears. Her two favorite things are eating and wither scratches...and when all the other animals leave her the heck alone. Toot likes to talk and has a distinctive vibrato. 

She's kidded easily twice with large single bucklings *sigh* - bucklings that she grows into monsters but still, I'd like a doeling, Toot! While she is a good dam, she is not a helicopter dam, content to let her kid nap where he wants and just show up for supper.

Her udder is so snug and pleasantly-shaped but her teats and orifices are so small she takes an incredibly long time to milk out. Her texture is also firm, so that doesn't help. However, she has a good butterfat percentage! PLEASE SEE THE BLOG POST ON MILK TESTING FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Milk Test 2022 results: 3 tests. 134 DIM. 333 pounds milk.
18# butterfat; Highest BF: 5.8% Avg. BF: 5.4%
12# protein; Highest Pro: 3.9%; Avg Pro: 3.6%

2023 - Toot FINALLY had twin doelings! It was the best surprise! Her udder structure is SO snug and is just lovely this third freshening, but she's still difficult to hand milk. Her doelings are helping with that a bit. As always, Toot is a great dam. She is not the most cooperative for photos but finally got some decent ones sorta clipped - she is a very hairy lady. Her hooves could have been trimmed better - she has lovely hooves. Toot placed 2nd and 3rd in a class of four stellar senior milkers in the Spring 2023 V-Show. She is on milk test in 2023 though dam-raising.

Milk Test 2023 Results: 7 tests. 224 DIM. 694 pounds milk.
29# butterfat; Highest BF: 6.6% Avg BF: 4.2%

24# protein: Highest Pro: 4.4%; Avg Pro: 3.5%

Toot Side Udder 23.jpg
Toot Foreudder 23.jpg
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