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Hefty Goat Holler Storm

Generation - Unknown

The Workhorse.

Storm was one of the first goats here in the holler, brought in as weanling. She's grown up into a laid-back work horse of a doe! She is an absolutely wonderful example of an efficient, dual-purpose goat. She's friendly, too. Storm stands very close to you if she wants attention, being as polite as possible, just breathing on you. 

She is an excellent dam and has kidded easily, giving birth to 10 kids in 4 freshenings, though one buckling her second freshening (triplets) was DOA. Storm isn't stingy with doelings and has given me at least one each freshening, with a total of 7 doelings to 2 (live) bucklings


Storm is my go-to milker. Her udder is snug in the rear but seriously lacks foreudder. Teat definition has been lost with multiple freshenings. Despite the physical short-comings in her mammary, she is incredibly easy to milk with especially large orifices - she is what I call a "whole hand milker." Her udder is fairly soft and despite her teats being large, her kids have had no trouble nursing.


In 2019, she peaked at over 4lbs on just once a day milking in the heat and humidity of summer. In 2021, I milked her on no fill nursing triplets at 3 1/2 months fresh, and she easily 2lb and 10oz. I'd like to get some proper milk testing done on this girl!

She's held up so well, raising fat babies and milking well as far as both quantity and lactation curve. She has excellent hooves and has always been sound despite being cow-hocked. Absolutely love her width and how stocky she is. Shells kids out fast each time and is a great dam. The only thing she's ever had issue with is some nasty ear gunk - her cute little elf ears need a clean every so often.

I always say, if I could clone one doe in the herd, it would probably be Storm. But I'll be happy with daughters and granddaughters and soon to be great-granddaughters, too.

storm babysitting (1).jpg
storm in the fall (1).jpg
Storm Top.jpg
baby belly storm.jpg
Storm milked down.jpg
Storm front.jpg

The over-the-top photos show Storm this fall (2022) dry and open versus pre-kidding and pregnant with triplets her last freshening.
The udder photo is milked out.

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