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Hefty Goat Holler Rhea*D

Generation: F1 Experimental (TMGR)

The Jealous Tank.

 Rhea and Noodle both came from the late Lujax herd as juniors, but I was unable to find out anything about Rhea. Another breeder and I have strong suspcions about her parents, but we will never know for sure. I do know she loves attention! She loves nothing more than to come over for lovings...and to smash anything that invades on her loving time.

Rhea was a productive first-freshener until an ordeal with a plant toxicity set her back. I am so very proud of her for not giving up when she was so very sick. You can read about that here -

She fully recovered and went on to kid the next year with a single doeling (Layla) and then triplets the next year.

Most recently, Rhea kidded with quads, with assistance because two doelings were DOA. Very thankful I was able to assist and Rhea suffered no ill affects from the rough kidding, nursing her two live kids like a champ.

Incredibly easy to milk as far as teat size and orifice but she does give you quite the workout with her firmer texture. She has a long, steady lactation curve and so far the highest butterfat average - her peak was only 5.7lb but she very consistently milked over four pounds until I started drying her up. Unfortunately, her udder is lacking lateral attachments. She's long-bodied, deep, and has a wide, long rump and is just overall matured into a big girl! She is aging perhaps a bit quicker than some of the other does but she is definitely not falling apart.

I am very proud to announce that Rhea was accepted by TMGR as a Native on Production doe!

Milk Test 2023 Results: 10 tests. 319 DIM. 1365 pounds milk.

305 day pounds: 1330
57# butterfat; Highest BF: 6.7% Avg BF: 4.3%

45# protein: Highest Pro: 4.8%; Avg Pro: 3.4%

Rhea front.jpg

Rhea absolutely hates you getting behind her to get udder photos. The foreudder is from her third freshening, the rear at the trough from her second. The last rear udder shot is from May 2023.

Rhea top.jpg
Rhea Side Udder.jpg
Rhea udder.jpg
Rhea May 2023 (1).jpg
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