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Hefty Goat Holler Rhea

Generation - Unknown

The Jealous Tank.

 Rhea and Noodle both came from the late Lujax herd as juniors, but I was unable to find out anything about Rhea. Another breeder and I have strong suspcions about her parents, but we will never know for sure. I do know she loves attention! She loves nothing more than to come over for lovings...and to smash anything that invades on her loving time.

Rhea was a productive first-freshener until an ordeal with a plant toxicity set her back. I am so very proud of her for not giving up when she was so very sick. You can read about that here -

She fully recovered and went on to kid the next year with a single doeling (Layla) and then triplets. Rhea is a good dam and has kidded easily each time. In her most recent kidding with the 2D/1B triplets, Rhea's production and her kids' growth was outstanding.

Incredibly easy to milk. Love her teat size and orifice. She has a long lactation curve. I am sure she would be an impressive milker under a more rigorous milking program.  Unfortunately, her udder is lacking attachments, especially lateral attachments. She's long-bodied, deep, and has a wide, long rump and is just overall matured into a big girl!

Rhea top.jpg
Rhea Side Udder.jpg
Rhea udder.jpg
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