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Ozark Jewels LAZ Lucky Penny

March 4, 2022

American LaMancha

The Big Girl with the Wattles

While I hadn't planned on adding more standard LaManchas until 2023, well...I did when the opportunity presented itself! 


Penny here is out of a productive young Ozark Jewels doe that goes by the barn name of Lucky. Her previous owner reported a still-increasing amount of quart and a half on a 12 hour fill about a month after kidding with twins.

I immediately liked how stocky and growthy Penny is - she already shows good body capacity. She's hip-high right now and a bit steeper-rumped but her rump shows good length and width.

Penny is a personable girl that likes to visit. At first, my smaller doelings had her buffaloed but she's finally figured out her size and likes to throw her weight around. Her voice is comically nasally and she likes to growl sometimes. Penny is a huge fan of feed, too!

Excited to add her to the herd and watch her grow.

Penny Pedigree Updated.png
Penny Fall 22 (1).jpg
Penny front.jpg
Penny Rear.jpg
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