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Hefty Goat Holler Pearl

February 9, 2021

Generation - F1 Grade

Solid and a Little Sassy

Pearl is a big, quiet doeling. I joke that if she had ears, she'd be a meat goat - she's SO solid. She was essentially raised as a single, so she had every opportunity to grow and grow she did.


Pearl loves people but also gets the sassy sometimes! Mostly when you stop paying attention to her - then she may get a bit overzealous on the head rubs.


Pearl is long and thick with so much depth, even this young. Her rump is long, as well, and she shows promising rear width and teat size. I can't wait to see an udder on this girl. It will be fun to see her continue to  grow and produce, as she blends my favorite dam line, my foundation buck line, and genetics from a long-time mini herd (and friend). Plus, she's the first doeling I've kept out of one of my Jupiter daughters.

2023 - Pearl had a difficult first kidding, presenting with one DOA buckling sideways in the birth canal that required intervention. Two live kids followed, but Pearl initially didn't recognize them as hers due to the vet trip and being separated. But she did take them and became a wonderful mother! She's as impressive as I'd hoped as far as production and milkability - she's peaked at 6.6lb on test so far. Her udder is so soft and easy to milk, plus she milks down well. Very proud of this tough, productive girl!

Pearl Pedigree.png
Pearl Side 2.jpg
Pearl Rear 1.jpg
Pearl FF Udder.jpg
Pearl FF Milked Out.jpg
Pearl Front 1.jpg
Pearl Top 1.jpg

Pearl at about 7 weeks fresh, about a 12 hour fill. As of the third milk test, her capacity and quantity is still increasing, which make her teats more plumb that this photo. Wonderful orifice and texture. Good teat size. Milks down incredibly well, already.

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