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Beryl face.jpg
Beryl Front 1.jpg

Hefty Goat Holler Beryl

February 7, 2021

Generation - F1 Grade

Quiet and Sweet

Beryl was one of Storm's last set of triplets and was sold as a weanling. Unfortunately, those goats were surrendered and not in great shape when I bought her back in 2022. Storm daughters are dear to me, so I made the difficult decision to only buy one back instead of all three that I had sold.

Beryl does remind me a lot of Storm, especially in build and expression. She's gained back condition well over the summer! Like Storm, Beryl is quiet and friendly...and sports an impressive beard.

She's lower in the herd pecking order, but sometimes buddies up with Velvet. I don't know if Duke and Storm crossed as well as Jupiter and Storm, yet, but it does seem like Beryl will have very milkable-size teats, already. Her body capacity is also promising so it will be fun to see her continue to mature and freshen.

Beryl Rear 1.jpg
Beryl Top.jpg
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