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Ozark Jewels Be My Baby Sarah

February 20, 2020

Recorded Grade LaMancha

Weirdo with the Beautiful Udder.

I'd enjoyed following the Ozark Jewels herd for several years before I finally brought one in. I got Baby as a bottle baby, and she grew up with Velvet and Caroline.

Baby's dam is a doe from the late Lujax herd, whose papers were lost, so Baby is grade. Blackie, her dam, is an awesome doe, though, and was my pick for a doeling. Thankfully, she had twin doelings! I love Blackie's udder and her production - she isn't a large doe but was easily giving a gallon and a quart on her second freshening when last I spoke with Ozark Jewels. 

Baby here is a weirdo. She does odd things like get stuck on the roof of a vehicle and make stink faces all the time. She has a grouchy streak. She likes me, mostly. Not so much anyone else...she does love a good booty scratch on her terms but you better not doot her tail or she will get you. I can get away with it because I am the "momma" still. She and Caroline are the first to follow me anywhere.

Baby freshened for the first time with a large single doeling. A beautiful, correct single doeling! Baby proved to be a doting (and comically playful) mother if a little over-protective - she did not want other kids too close to her darling girl.


While Baby remains lanky, she freshened with a gorgeous, well-attached udder that is already easy to milk and had zero kick or squirm in her from the first milking on. She was giving right at a quart each 12 hour mark.

In 2022, MDGA has re-opened the grade herdbook, meaning Baby can have registered kids in my mini program!

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