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Hefty Goat Holler Anastasia

February 7, 2021

Generation - F2 Grade

Lovely and Scrappy

As I mentioned in Beryl's description, I had a chance to buy back three doelings I sold but could only buy back one at the time. Anastasia was sold to a great home. The owner later had to downsize and I bought Anastasia in June '23. 


At her previous home, Anastasia had already kidded with a single doeling and was in very rough shape when the animals were rehomed. She kidded again with twins in March 2023. Her next owner took amazing care of her and the photos here are a testament to that. 
Anastasia is my only Rosemary daughter before Rosemary passed away from listeriosis as a first freshener.

Anastasia is not a big doe, like her dam, and I am afraid she may have been a little stunted from her second owner. But she is so lovely!
Despite her size and looking delicate, she is a scrappy thing. She loves feed. She also loves soft cheeks rubs, closing her eyes and leaning into it. Beryl and Anastasia remembered one another, I think, as they often sleep together.

I am very glad to have her back and look forward to her freshening.

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