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Hefty Goat Holler Zephyr

March 9, 2022

Generation - F2 Grade

Chunky and Funny.

Zephyr was one of three doelings born to first freshener Layla. As they were being born, an incredibly strong wind eddie swept right by the barn. All the girls were named accordingly - Zephyr, Chinook, and Gale.


Like her dam, Zephyr can get the sillies, but it is usually a short-lived phenomenon. She's friendly, a little goofy, and likes to go for rides in the wagon.

Zephyr may have been the least flashy of the three Layla doelings, but she's a long girl with a lot of rear width. Her baby teats are plumb, too. I'd like to see a flatter or longer rump but it is wide and level thurl to thurl. 

Zephyr has some random white hairs and frosting throughout, including frosting around her tail. I affectionately refer to it as the Frosted Butt Moustache.

While I hadn't planned on keeping a mini doeling in 2022, I have to say I am pretty glad miss Zephyr didn't sell.

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