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Kinder goat doe

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Sienna

February 18, 2022
Generation -  5th

Cute and Sweet.

I kept going back and forth on what I wanted to name this girl but eventually settled on Sienna to compliment her twin's name, Saffron. Saffron went to Missouri with several of my doelings and ended up winning GC JR Kinder at the Missouri State Fair for her new owner! 

Sienna was a bit of a wallflower goat and skittish, but was moved to the smaller herd where she could get some more attention and it paid off! Sienna is now consistently friendly, to the point she might give you a polite paw as a reminder for scratches.

These photos were the first time she was seriously messed with since birth (I got ridiculously sick during kidding season in 2022) and she did great. She's a bit nervous, but overall takes new things in stride.

I want to keep my Aubrey line going strong, so I am glad to keep this granddaughter. Fingers crossed her udder one day is as beautiful as Vixen's!

Sienna Pedigree.png
Kinder goat
Kinder goat doe udder
Sienna face.jpg
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