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GoGo's LoSt Pixie Dust

April 21, 2019
Generation - F2 Experimental

Angry. Hangry.

Pixie, also known as Pixie-Lou-Who, was an impulse buy when I went to pick out a buckling, but I am glad I got her! 

Pixie likes to pick fights but is friendly and somewhere in the middle of the herd hierarchy. She sometimes get the sillies and takes off but it is usually a short-lived phenomenon. Her favorite way to visit is to rub her head on you while you do not touch her. 

A daintier, more refined doeling, Pixie has gained depth as she matured. She's long-bodied and still full of dairy character.

Pixie kidded with beautiful buck/doe twins in April 2021. In her first freshening, she was productive with a very nicely-shaped udder. Her udder is soft and, while her teats are a bit smaller, she is easy to milk with a decent-size orifice. Pixie was also an attentive dam, and I am excited to see her freshen again.

Pixie Foreudder.jpg
Pixie Rear Udder.jpg
Pixie and Twins.jpg
Pixie Front 22.jpg
Pixie top.jpg
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