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Hefty Goat Holler Farm Patience

March 10, 2022
Generation -  5th

Loudmouth with Excellent Eyebrows.

Patience was named ironically. She was the first of the triplet Bindi girls to be born, and she was immediately mobile, crawling around and yelling indignantly for a teat, demanding all of Bindi's attention. As you can see, she is still unhappy when things aren't going her way. In fact, she's incredibly loud when slightly inconvenienced.


Thankfully, she's gone from just curious but no-touchy to actually friendly. She still might have her "Bindi moments" - silly flightiness for who knows what reasons - but overall she likes the people. Like Sienna, she'll give you a paw to make sure you remember she's there and she needs a scratch.

All three of these Bindi X Shiner girls grew well. Currently, Patience is probably the most correct of the three, showing more levelness. You'll have to take my word for it until I get better, more recent photos.

Kinder goat
Kinder goat udder
Kinder goat
Kinder goat
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