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Pedigree Noel.png

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Noel

December 18, 2018
Generation - 3rd

Low-Maintenance Wallflower.

Noel was my pick of the 2018 doelings from the start. Her dam and sire blended very nicely! Tigger improved the topline, teat placement, and toeing out.

Noel is a wallflower goat - usually quiet, sometimes friendly for a moment but otherwise content with a short acknowledgment only.
I did find out she bellows like her dam when she's angry about sharing food! Noel gets in there to eat, and she even leads the herd out on occasion.

Noel has kidded easily with twins twice - Nightingale is from her first freshening. Her udder improved greatly from her first freshening to her second, gaining capacity and and a stronger medial which in turn improved teat placement. I would still like to see larger teat diameter to help with milking ease, but I love how cylindrical they are.


It did take her a couple days to come to her milk the second freshening, but she did and then raised two wethers that were nearly as large as her by sale day. Noel is a calm, careful momma and just a solid, efficient brood doe.

Kinder goat doe and kids
Kinder doe goat udder
Kinder doe goat udder teats
Kinder doe goat udder
Kinder doe goat
Kinder doe goat

Noel's udder on a little less than a 12 hour fill second freshening. About 6 months fresh. Below is her first freshener udder  on about the same fill but just a few months fresh, to illustrate the improvement.

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