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Ozark Jewels LAZ Star Rattler

May 18, 2022

Experimental LaMancha

Might be an Alien

Along with Penny, I brought home this lovely girl - she goes by the barn name of Nebula. Nebula is a late kid but likely going to be a big girl. She's already long and tall. 

She was described as not wild but "snotty" and that was a good way to put it. Nebula wasn't scared of me, she just didn't want me to touch her. To the point she might give my hand a sniff then jump away all sassy.

Eventually, I won her over with the classic Sneaky Scratch method - she found out people could reach that itchy spot on her withers and booty. She's actually pretty friendly now and has picked up leading quickly.

Like Penny (and Baby), Nebula has a distinctive nasally tone to her voice but she is generally quiet. Her face and elf ears are so incredibly expressive and the ears are courtesy of her 1/32nd Alpine ancestry, according to Ozark Jewels.

I think she's going to grow up to be quite level, like her dam, who showed a lovely first freshening udder. Her dam has won a GC as a first freshener, as well. Overall, just a really fun addition and an exciting girl to make a new mini line with!

2024 - Nebula kidded with buck/doe twins in March. She was the youngest to kid this year (she did not turn 2 until May). She is a good dam and her udder attachments are just lovely. Her ff teats are a little slim but all the parts are there!

P.S. Her name is a nod to her dam and one of my favorite book series.

Nebula Pedigree Updated.png
Nebula FF Udder.jpg
Nebula Penny and Noel.jpg
Nebula Front.jpg
Nebula Rear.jpg
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