Miniature LaManchas

Miniature LaManchas are a relatively new breed developed in the United States. A Miniature LaMancha is a cross between a Nigerian Dwarf and a standard LaMancha.

These mid-sized dairy animals are ideally docile producers that provide a good amount of butterfat. In my experience, Miniature LaManchas are some of the most affectionate goats. Miniature LaManchas can have erect ears, elf ears, or gopher ears. American or Purebred bucks must have gopher ears.

Unlike Kinders, a Miniature LaMancha can be bred back to a Nigerian Dwarf or standard LaMancha at any time.

Registered stock has a percentage on the pedigree, listed first by LaMancha then Nigerian Dwarf. Ideally, an animal is no more than 70% of one breed. A common breeding goal is 60/40.

There are several herdbooks for Miniature LaManchas in the Miniature Dairy Goat Association, the registry I currently use - Grade, Experimental, American, and Purebred. Only F6 animals that meet the breed standard may be registered as Purebred.

Recently, changes have been made to the Grade herdbook.

For more information on generations, percentages, herdbooks, and ear types, follow the links to the right.


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