Nehi Minis Tumbling Jupiter

D.O.B March 3, 2017
F4 American

Jupiter was my first registered Miniature LaMancha, bred by Nehi Minis, a long-time Miniature Lamancha herd in Arkansas. He is a sweet, quiet buck, very easy to handle. I like his overall appearance, especially his angularity and topline. The mammary systems in his paternal  line and of his littermate sister and dam are excellent. If I could improve one thing, I would like to see more arch at the top of his escutcheon.

GoGo's AqSt Duke

D.O.B April 21, 2019
F4 American

Duke is a personable, playful buckling. I like his openness in the rear, his rump structure, and topline, especially. Duke has excellent hooves. I would like to see flatter knees. The genetics behind him are top-notch! His dam's udder is especially beautiful. He is very correct overall already, and I can't wait to see how he finishes maturing. 
He's taking rut very seriously this year as a yearling, but he is doing so well - he's actually GROWN during rut and has a fantastic FAMACHA score, to boot.