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Miniature LaMancha
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Nehi Minis Tumbling Jupiter

D.O.B March 3, 2017
F4 American
29.5" as of 2/21

Jupiter was my first registered Miniature LaMancha, bred by Nehi Minis, a long-time Miniature Lamancha herd in Arkansas. He is a sweet, quiet buck, very easy to handle. I like his overall appearance, especially his angularity and body length. I personally love his bone, too, as I want a stockier dairy animal. The mammary systems in his paternal  line and of his littermate sister and dam are excellent, and his littermate sister has been on a very extended lactation. If I could improve one thing, I would like to see more arch at the top of his escutcheon. He's matured into a big boy - 170lb in good condition!
His first daughters in my herd freshened in 2021 and did not disappoint! My does are all unrelated (and not uniform in terms of style!) but he improved each udder in their daughters, especially rear attachment, overall shape, and teat placement.


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GoGo's AqSt Duke

D.O.B April 21, 2019
F4 American
25.5" as of 2/21

Duke is a personable young buck, always up for a visit.

I like his openness in the rear and his width, especially in the rump. So far, he's been good at improving hocking in on his daughters. I like his rump length, though his daughters so far have inherited the width (which is good!) more than the length.

I would like to see improved front legs and feet but his hooves require little to no trimming and are sound.

I haven't freshened any daughters yet, but his dam's udder is especially beautiful, and I hope that passes on. 
He took rut very seriously as a yearling but mellowed some as a 2 year old. He has also continued to grow! He's filled out a lot in 2021 and also had his bad scurs removed. He's still in rut in these photos.


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Hefty Goat Holler Farm Howl

D.O.B March 9, 2021
F5 American

25" as of 12/21

I kept Howl to use on a couple of my coarser does that could benefit from some angularity and dairy character. I am also using him for on a couple of my grade does for some potentially polled homestead milkers.
Howl is super-likable, sort of odd like his dam but mellow like his sire. 
I love the udder genetics on his sire side and the production genetics on his dam's side. While I want better udder structure from his dam (since a rule of thumb is the dam line contributes most to the udder genetics in a sire), I am curious enough to see what happens when those two are crossed. While her udder structure isn't ideal, his dam's milk is high in butterfat and her udder is so incredibly soft. 


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Sunspring's WBJ Churro

D.O.B April 30, 2020
F2 Experimental
27.5" as of 12/21


Churro is a friendly young buck I brought in from Colorado. He was bred at Sunspring Ranch in Utah. He will be a complete outcross, bringing in some new genetics I am hopeful will cross well with my herd.

His general appearance is already exciting and I cant wait to see how he mature this spring. I especially like his pastern and legs, something I want to improve in most of my does and doelings. He has a long rump and is wider across the pins.
Churro has excellent production behind him and some lovely udders. Talking with other breeders who own his relatives, including his littermate sister, I am hopeful he will bring in some increased "milkability" - specifically, increased orifice size and soft udder texture.
Polled is a nice bonus!
More/better photos to come.

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