First Fresheners 2022

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Hefty Goat Holler Farm Layla

D.O.B April 1, 2020
F1 Grade
I was so hoping for a doeling or two from Rhea in 2020! I got only one, but I couldn't be more pleased with this girl. I love how long and wide she is throughout. I also love that she inherited Rhea's funny chin markings and elbow spot but her sire's bright blue eyes. Layla is kinda a goofball...sometimes, she loves you...sometimes she runs from you like she's never seen a human before. She's a big girl. Layla freshened with triplet doelings 2022 as a first freshener. She kidded easily and is a good dam but her initial production was nothing impressive (about 3lb a day) so her kids have been supplemented. At the most recent milk test (June), her production improved to 3.8lb a day. Her udder is VERY soft, easy to milk with great orifices but the attachments didn't get as improved as I hoped - they are better but could use more laterals, still.


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Dry Yearlings 2022

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Hefty Goat Holler Farm Beryl

D.O.B February 7, 2021
F1 Grade

Sire - GoGo's AqSt Duke

Dam - Storm

Beryl was sold as a weanling but bought back in spring 2022. She dealt with some unfortunate circumstances and is currently still gaining condition from that. She's actually one of my favorite '21 doelings as far as conformation and has the same friendly, calm temperament as her dam. Photos from May 2022.

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Hefty Goat Holler Farm Pearl

D.O.B February 9, 2021
Sire - GoGo's AqSt Duke

Dam - HGF Verbena

Pearl is a big, quiet doeling. I joke that if she had ears, she'd be a meat goat - she's SO solid. Pearl loves people but also gets the sassy sometimes. Long and thick with so much depth. I can't wait to see an udder on this girl. Photos from May 2022.

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Pearl Top 1.jpg
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2022 Miniature LaMancha Doelings

Please note all kid photos are a work in progress! It takes time to learn to stand square. I try to have short lessons where they get more comfortable with the process and enjoy (or at least tolerate) lots of scratches and attention. Only retained doelings are here - for complete list of kids, check out the birthweight blog posts or the posts on the Facebook page tagged #HeftyGoatHollerFarmKidding2022.


Hefty Goat Holler Farm Zephyr

D.O.B March 9, 2021
Sire - GoGo's AqSt Duke

Dam - HGF Layla

Zephyr was one of three doelings born to first freshener Layla. As they were being born, an incredibly strong wind eddie swept right by the barn. All the girls were named accordingly - Zephyr, Chinook, and Gale. Zephyr may have been the least flashy of the three, but she's a nice long girl with a lot of rear width. Friendly, quiet girl - I am not even sure what she sounds like!

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