GoGo's LoSt Pixie Dust

D.O.B April 21, 2019
F2 Experimental
Height - 25.5"
Weight - 70lb
(Height and weight at 19 months old)
I hadn't planned on picking up a doeling when I went to purchase Duke, but I couldn't say no to Pixie. She might be dainty, but she is fierce. Despite her tough-girl routine, she still likes her people. 
Pixie kidded with beautiful buck/doe twins in April 2021. She is incredibly productive with a nicely-shaped udder, and is a very attentive dam. Her udder is soft and, while her teats are a bit smaller, she is easy to milk with a decent-size orifice.
Pixie has matured into a long, level doe. Still refined with plenty of dairy character but no longer dainty. 


Hefty Goat Holler Farm Layla

D.O.B April 1, 2020
F1 Grade
*Note that percentages on Grade doelings are not necessarily accurate.
I was so hoping for a doeling or two from Rhea this year! I got only one, but I couldn't be more pleased with this girl. I love how long and wide she is throughout. I also love that she inherited Rhea's funny chin markings and elbow spot but her sire's bright blue eyes. Layla is kinda a goofball...sometimes, she loves you...sometimes she runs from you like she's never seen a human before. She's a BIG girl, weighing about the same as the Kinder X Boer doelings. At last weigh-in in August, Layla weighed 93 lb. (She was not bred, but since she was the only 2020 mini doeling, I lumped her in the with first fresheners)


Hefty Goat Holler Farm Verbena

D.O.B April 29, 2019
F1 Grade
Height - 26"
Weight - 93lb
(Height and weight at 19 months old)
*Note that percentages on Grade doelings are not necessarily accurate.
Verbena is the stockier of the two Storm doelings and has a personality just like her dam - very laid-back, quiet, and friendly.
In February 2021, Verbena kidded with buck/doe twins but rejected the buckling the next day - I think is partially my fault for putting her in a pen with another FF pair that had a buckling that looked like hers - I think she got confused. He was pulled as a bottle baby because I simply didn't have time to fight her on the issue. She's a doting dam to her huge "single" doeling, at least. Verbena's udder is a long oval, could be a bit more snug, but is already easy enough to milk, especially with her teat length!


Toot Side Udder.JPG

The S. Demeyer Genovese

D.O.B April 10, 2019
F1 Grade
Height - 24"

Weight - 79lb

(Height and weight at 20 months old)
*Note that percentages on Grade doelings are not necessarily accurate.
Genovese, also known as Toot, was an oops baby. My neighbor's grade miniature LaMancha doe is an unrepentant hussy and was determined to find her way into the buck pen. 5 months later, she delivered triplets. Toot was given to me as a bottle baby.

I love this girl! She's affectionate but not rude about it and loves scratches on the withers.
Her dam is a smaller, stockier doe, but her udder has a nice shape to it, decent-sized, plumb teats, and produced well for her size. 

Toot has been the best surprise of the first fresheners. She kidded with a large single buckling and has spared no effort in making sure he gets fed - he's massive! Her cute udder is snug as can be but her teats and orifices are small for hand milking.