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Hefty Goat Holler Layla

April 1, 2020
Generation - F1 Grade

She's a Goofball but Easy to Milk.

I was so hoping for a doeling or two from Rhea in 2020! I got only one, but I am so pleased with Layla.

I love that she inherited Rhea's distinctive chin markings and elbow spot but her sire's bright blue eyes. She is a big doe. Wide, long, deep. She's not a doe anyone notices in pictures but she's one of the first to catch discerning eyes in person. I'd like to see better hooves, but they are improvement over Rhea.

Layla is a goofball...sometimes, she loves you...sometimes she runs from you like she's never seen a human before. Who knows why. She doesn't, bless her heart.


Layla freshened with triplet doelings 2022 as a first freshener. She kidded easily and is a good dam but her initial production was nothing impressive for triplets (about 3lb a day) so her kids were supplemented. At the most recent milk test (June), her production improved to 3.8lb a day. I left one doeling on her until August, so Layla was the only one of the three does on test that completed all 5 tests.


Her udder is buttery soft, easy to milk with great orifices but the attachments didn't get as improved as I hoped - they are much better but could use more laterals, still. Her teats are smaller this first freshening, but I imagine that will improve. Her udder is a nice shape and milkable, so that's a win.


Milk Test 2022: 5 tests; 214DIM; 524 pounds of milk
21 pounds of butterfat; Highest BF 6.9; Avg. BF 4%
17 pounds of protein; Highest Pro 4.2%; Avg. Pro 3.2%

Layla 23.jpg
Layla front Fall 22 (1).jpg

Udder photos from Layla's first lactation. 12 hour fill. 

Layla sideudder.jpg
Layla FF udder.jpg
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