Kinder Goats

Kinders were developed in Washington state in the 1990's. A first generation Kinder is a cross between a registered Pygmy and a registered American or Purebred Nubian. Each subsequent generation is bred Kinder to Kinder. The name Kinder is trademarked by the Kinder Goat Breeder's Association. 

An ideal Kinder is a mid-sized, dual purpose animal, meaning it provides decent (or great!) quantities of both meat and milk. An ideal Kinder is easy-keeping, calm, and prolific.

I call them a well-kept secret, but we're trying to change that! For more information, check out this article I wrote for Goat Journal here, as well as the link on this page!

You'll notice letters and a scored under some of the Kinders. This is the KGBA evaluation! The KGBA evaluation process is ongoing - these were evaluated May 2022. The scoring had changed in 2022, so animals in other herds might have the same scores and different totals.

It is scored by General Appearance, Kinder Characters, Mammary, then a total score, with scores ranging from Poor, Average, Good, Very Good, and Excellent. For more information, check out the KGBA website.

For more information on Kinders, check out these resources!