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Kinder Goat
Kinder Goat Udder

Zachary's Champion Goats Bindi

D.O.B June 13, 2012
Generation - 4th
Height - 24"
Weight - 105lb
Bindi was one of three doelings in a litter of quadruplets and has been a prolific doe herself, giving birth to triplets more than once.
Bindi is an overall very nice doe, though she is not a large doe. She has especially nice udder attachments and teat placement and is easy to hand milk. Bindi is an excellent dam and very tolerant of the other kids using her as playground.


ZCG Bindi.png
Kinder Goat

4H Farm Farrah

D.O.B May 04, 2017
Generation - 4th
Height - 23.5"

Weight - 95lb

Farrah is a young doe with excellent rear width, good legs and tight toes, and a tight shoulder assembly. Her udder is soft and easy to milk even though her teats are smaller. She is laid-back and has proven to be an easy kidder and wonderful dam, though she can be grouchy with other kids. Like her late dam, Rusty Lane Farm Aubrey, Farrah could use better rear udder attachments, but she produces well for such a small girl. The side udder photo is from her third freshening (2021), taken about 12 hours before she kidded and the rear from the end of that lactation. 

4H Farm Farrah.png
Kinder Goat

Serena Kinders Priscilla

D.O.B March 16, 2016
Generation - 2nd

Height - 28"
Weight - 115lb

Priscilla is leggier and finer-boned than ideal for a Kinder - not uncommon in a low generation animal. She has been an incredibly productive doe, already producing 7 kids by age 3. Her body length, udder attachments, and pelvis structure are all nice but I would like to see improvement in her feet and topline especially. She won't win at a show, but Priscilla has been a very good brood doe. Her teats and orifices are a nice size so she milks fairly quickly but her placement makes it a little hard to hand milk both sides at once.


Priscilla Front.JPG
Serena Kinders Priscilla.png
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Zachary's Champion Goats Topaz

D.O.B April 13, 2016
Generation - 2nd

Height - 25.5"

Weight - 119lb
Topaz is another promising young doe. She is very proportionate, a great example of breed character, and looks very much like her dam, Bindi. Topaz is a more skittish doe in the herd but an absolute pro when being milked. A very correct, easy-to-milk udder but I would like to see her milk down more and a smoother fore. Topaz has kidded easily with twins three times and is a good dam.


Kinder Goat
ZCG Topaz.png
Topaz Front 2021.JPG