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Zachary's Champion Goats Blue Velvet

D.O.B January 1, 2020
Generation - 1st

Velvet was an oops baby - her dam was a Pygmy doe and her sire a Nubian buck - NOT the way you want to make Kinders, but a Kinder nonetheless. I got Velvet at just a few days old, as a tiny bottle baby. She was a bit premature, but she got the hang of nursing quickly! 
The genetics behind this first gen girl are top-notch, and I think she will be an excellent example of a Kinder. Sire - Six-Point Sir Ralph:
If there was an IQ test for goats, Velvet would probably be a genius. She's so stinkin' smart and full of personality. Recently, she's gotten very loving again, but there for a bit she was in a rotten toddler stage where her favorite thing to do bite! I wouldn't trade this sassy, intelligent girl for anything.


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Hefty Goat Holler Farm Sweet Caroline

D.O.B March 4, 2020
Generation - 3rd
Caroline was a triplet and pulled to be a bottle baby. If Velvet is a genius, Caroline is the class dunce, bless her heart. But she is a good-natured dingdong, even if she has the gross habit of trying to chew my hair while she has a mouthful of cud. She's just ridiculously likable.
I like how long  she is and how much rear width she has - teats look long and plumb so far, too! She's grown well and is the second Priscilla X Tigger doeling I have retained.


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