Hefty Goat Holler Farm Noel

D.O.B December 18, 2018
Generation - 3rd

Height - 25.5"
Weight - 89lb

(Height and weight at 2 years old)

Noel has been one of my favorite Kinder doelings - big (for my herd) quiet girl. I really like her bone, body length, and pelvis already and can't wait to see her fully matured. 
Noel kidded with buck/doe twins February 2021. She's been an excellent dam! Her udder structure and teat size and placement is promising. Her teats are nice length - could use some diameter but I think that will come with subsequent freshenings.
I found out my big quiet girl bellows when at the feed trough - it is hilarious and so odd-sounding!

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Tulsi

D.O.B May 06, 2019
Generation - 3rd
Height - 25.5"
Weight - 77lb
(Height and weight at 18 months old)

Tulsi is the youngest 2019 Kinder doeling, but one of the largest. I think this was a good cross - Rio added some body length and pelvis length.
Tulsi has nice tight shoulders and nice brisket extension, as well. I am curious to see if she grows into her legs and gets as stocky as her dam. Topaz is not an overly-friendly goat, so I messed with her twins a lot - it paid off and Tulsi is friendly and generally pretty easy to mess with, though she inherited her sire's chattiness.
Tulsi kidded with a big single doeling February 2021. Tulsi has been an excellent dam, though a bit loud about the whole ordeal. Her udder is snug and teats a nice size but they do point out. Despite that, she milked out easily and milked down better than her dam, already.



Hefty Goat Holler Farm Vixen

D.O.B December 24, 2018
Generation - 4th
Height - 24"
Weight - 67lb

Vixen is the last doeling out of my first Kinder doe, Rusty Lane Farm Aubrey. 
Vixen is a quiet, good-natured girl like her dam. A friend purchased Vixen's littermate brother as a herdsire for her mixed herd, and I am really pleased with how long, level, and thick he is as a 18 month old. Vixen was orphaned at 6 weeks old - she nor her brother ever took a bottle...I tried to make sure she was getting extra groceries otherwise, but I think the too-early weaning stunted her. She likely would have been more dairy, regardless - but I can work with that!
Vixen has seriously impressed me as a first freshener. She is raising a massive single buckling that is wonderfully meaty despite her own dairy character - he weighed over 40lb at 80 days old, with an average daily gain of .44lb! Her udder is so promising - snug with nice-sized teats and probably the best lateral attachments of the first fresheners this year. Smooth fore too! Her udder and production honestly shocked me - in a good way!