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As of October 2021, I would like to do some major downsizing before winter. I am putting hay out already because the pasture didn't get enough rain this summer. ALL AVAILABLE DOES HAVE BEEN SOLD AS OF NOVEMBER 2021.


Serious inquiries only. I love all these animals so it will not be first-come-first-serve but rather the right fit. For more information including additional photos and pedigrees et cetera, click the animal's name in bold. 

I will likely be offering either Duke or Jupiter (F4 miniature LaMancha bucks that can be seen here) in the spring. If you are interested, let me know so we can discuss.


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Zachary's Champion Goats Tigger

Tigger has been my main Kinder buck for several years now. He was the first Kinder I saw in person! He gets eager to go to the does in rut and bosses the other bucks but he has never been aggressive towards people and once rut is over, he is calm with the other bucks. Tigger leads well and is easy to catch. He has excellent feet that require infrequent trimming. He's required very few deworming treatments over the years here and has been generally healthy. Occasionally, he benefits from zinc supplementation. Tigger has been wonderful for adding rear attachments to his daughter's udders and improving teat placement. His kids are small (less than 5lb) on average, making him my go-to for breeding to first fresheners. He and his kids do mature a bit slower - he didn't bulk up until 3 years of age, but once he did, he became quite a stout Kinder buck.
This boy is a second gen buck so his maternal granddam is a Nubian doe and a beautiful, productive one at that with many accolades to her name - reference photos etc. on my farm page on FB -
He's been a wonderful buck, and I am only considering selling him because his use has become limited with so many close relatives in my herd. He will be available after the last yearling doe is bred. Side photo is a current photo in rut.

Howl Face Front.JPG

Hefty Goat Holler Howl 

Howl is a angular young buckling. He is being broke to lead and figuring it out well. Stands very nice for clipping and hoof trimming. He's friendly and less troublesome than his dam but definitely a little quirky. I think he would be best used for those who want to add angularity to their does and improve udder texture. Or for those hoping to add some polled genetics. Howl was in the MDGA Fall Virtual Show! Check out the MDGA website for judges' comments.



Miniature LaMancha wethers! Sugarfoot and Powder (white/cream) twins and Patches (black and white).


All April-born kids to first freshener F1 dams, so these boys are higher percentage LaMancha and going to be larger. You can see by the milk goiters that they are getting PLENTY of momma milk! My friend has done an amazing job caring for her goats - very healthy. They've come from all negative CAE and Johnes stock (my herd). Dams and sire are registered with the MDGA but these guys are not registered since dams are registered grade. These boys have now been weaned (as of October) and weigh 68lb (twins) and 53lb (Patches.


The twins are SO friendly and personable! They're absolutely a hoot. Patches is more standoffish but not wild at all. He can go with Howl as a companion! The twins would make an excellent pair of driving goats, one day! If interested in some pets/brush eaters/pack or trail companion prospects, please message me. $150 each or $400 for all three.

The twins have sold - Patches is only available with Howl.