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Kidding season 2021 has finally finished. Check out all the kids on the farm page on Facebook under the tag #heftygoathollerfarmkidding2021. As of May 2021, all doelings are reserved or retained. The only Kinder buckling prospect is also reserved.


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Miniature LaMancha Wethers

I don't typically offer pet wethers but these two boys are incredibly sweet and friendly. The cream is Rhea's kid and the more gray kid is Storm's. They were both from a set of triplets. Will be ready to go June 1. $300 for the pair.


Kinder Does in Milk
I am selling 4H Farm Farrah and Hefty Goat Holler Irene Ryan after their kids are weaned, so about June 15th.
Farrah is being sold with papers in milk for $300. She can go with her bucklings before they are weaned in June for $150 more. I still have to milk her to get an amount and updated udder photo.
Irene Ryan is being sold in milk but without papers. $250. Has a nice teat and orifice size, especially for a smaller doe, and a tightly attached udder but isn't overly productive as a second freshener. Giving about 2lb a day. Mannerly on the stand but can be a brat to catch sometimes. Due to this and her small size, I have decided to sell her as unregistered.