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Kidding season 2021 has finally finished. Check out all the kids on the farm page on Facebook under the tag #heftygoathollerfarmkidding2021. As of May 2021, all doelings are reserved or retained. No bucklings available.


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My friend has some miniature LaMancha wethers! Sugarfoot and Powder (white/cream) twins and Patches (black and white).


All April-born kids to first freshener F1 dams, so these boys are higher percentage LaMancha and going to be larger. You can see by the milk goiters that they are getting PLENTY of momma milk! My friend has done an amazing job caring for her goats - very healthy. They've come from all negative CAE and Johnes stock (my herd). Dams and sire are registered with the MDGA but these guys are not registered since dams are registered grade.


The twins are SO friendly and personable! They're absolutely a hoot. Patches is more standoffish but not wild at all.


If interested in some pets/brush eaters/pack or trail companion prospects, please message me so I can give you her contact. Located in Omaha, AR.