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GoGo's Fauna's Delight

March 17, 2015
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She's a Survivor.

Faunette is a new addition to the holler as of 2022. I haven't brought in an older doe in quite a long time, but her breeder offered her to me, and I thought she would fit in. I didn't realize how well she would fit in!

Faunette survived a very bad snake bite as a youngster and was one of the goats that survived a horrible living situation under someone else's "care" - you can read more about it on the GoGo's herd farm page. It took her a long time to recover and be happy again, but she did. She's one tough girl. I met Faunette again after she kidded with triplet bucklings in 2022 - one of those was my Ted.

When I brought her home, she took her new people and environment and herd in stride. It didn't take long before she blended in seamlessly and was meeting me for her characteristic head rubs. Faunette is the herd queen of my "baby" pen, currently, teaching them the ropes. I absolutely love to see this girl playing and running and just feeling good.

Faunette, presumably due to the snake bite, has only one half of an udder. She successfully raised two bucklings on that half for her GoGo family this year. She's some unknowns for me, but what I do know I am pleased with - she's tough, adaptable, and a good dam. Not to mention soulful and loving.


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