Please note all kid photos are a work in progress! It takes time to learn to stand square. I try to have short lessons where they get more comfortable with the process and enjoy lots of scratches and attention. Only retained doelings are here - for complete list of kids, check out the birthweight blog posts or the posts on the Facebook page tagged #HeftyGoatHollerFarmKidding2021.

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Magpie

D.O.B February 3, 2021
Generation - 3rd

Sire - DKG FS Shiner
Dam - ZCG Topaz

Twin sister to Meadowlark, Magpie is the more skittish of the two and thus more difficult to get pictures of. Like her sister, she is wide throughout and has a nice bone and promising teat placement and size as a doeling.


Hefty Goat Holler Farm Meadowlark

D.O.B February 3, 2021
Generation -  3rd

Sire -DKG FS Shiner
Dam - ZCG Topaz

Meadowlark was the first kid born in 2021 and the first kid sired by Shiner to hit the ground!  At a young age, this doeling is already promising and exciting. Meadowlark has wattles, to boot. She and her sister are turned shy like Topaz but no where near as flighty. 


Hefty Goat Holler Farm Nightingale

D.O.B February 7, 2021
Generation - 4th
Sire - DKG FS Shiner

Dam - HGF Noel

Nightingale is a good-natured, laid-back doeling I like a lot. She's leaner and longer than the Topaz twins, with what I call a "rangier" type muscle. 

Hefty Goat Holler Farm Teal

D.O.B February 9, 2021
Generation -  4th
Sire - DKG FS Shiner

Dam - HGF Tulsi

Teal is a loudmouth like her dam! She seems like a carbon copy of Tulsi. She's been my wild child of the year but has recently decided to come give the people fingers a nibble in case there is an animal cracker or apple. Interestingly, Teal developed an asymmetrical precocious udder. Teal is smaller and lighter than the other Shiner daughters but I am curious to see how she milks. If her precocious udder is any indication, it looks like she will have nice-size teats and a smooth fore.