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I've broken up breeding and kidding season. The first three pairing documents are for SPRING kidding (February) and the last one is for the few MAY kidding pairs.

Please do not forget to read my sales policy! BASE PRICES ARE ON THE SALES POLICY PAGE.
Prices and kid availability are listed on these PDFs. As kids are spoken for or reserved, I will add a list below.
Again: I do NOT take deposits until kids are one the ground. To reserve a kid on the ground, you must place a deposit.
If you have trouble viewing the PDFs, please email me at the address listed on the home page or check out the breeding pairs on my farm page on Facebook.

Update - LaMancha Ozark Jewels Be My Baby Sarah didn't settle or lost the pregnancy so will be held over for spring breeding.

Strawberry first doeling reserved by R.P.
First choice doeling from Magpie or Meadowlark by R.P.

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